Growing hunger pangs for IT Talent

Shelley Singh and Jochelle Mendonca writing for ET Prime (paywalled):

“The first couple of quarters of last fiscal were quiet as companies tried to adjust to a post-pandemic, work-from-home world. From Q3, demand for digital skills started picking up, and by Q4 went out of control. The industry could not meet this sudden spike, leading to a shortage of talent,” says DD Mishra, senior director analyst, Gartner.
“Anything to do with the cloud, data analytics, intelligence, and cybersecurity is growing faster, pushing the demand for talent,” says Krishnamurthy Shankar, executive vice-president and group head, human resource development, Infosys.

Here’s an interesting graph:

IT services- increasing digital workforce@2x
From the writeup

I usually don’t write about the enterprises ongoing fascination with the “talent” or their hiring practices, but with the talent crunch in the industry, it will cast its shadow on the healthcare companies too. High rates will squeeze their opportunities or push the talent “in-house”. There might be a temptation to scale up internal resources- possibly as a “sub-division” but most enterprises have muddled priorities when it comes to AI. Big data requires a recalibration of the internal data sources and identifying methodologies that would serve the outcomes- instead of slapping the role of AI engineer in the existing workflow. It would cause more friction as turf wars will erupt. The end-goals can be sketchy too.

Input costs with quantifiable outcomes must form clear lines for ROI. Otherwise, it is difficult to envisage a clear business case around these.

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