Google health reorganisation

A Business Insider Report:

“Google deeply believes in the power of technology to improve health and wellness and we have increased our health investments across the company,” a Google spokesperson told Insider in a statement. “This has included developing projects within Google Health, launching and expanding health-related features on Search, Maps and YouTube that reach billions of people, and welcoming Fitbit.”

This is what terrifies me. It will lead to more data concentration. I am not sure why Google has not made significant progress in the health sector. However, any way you look at it, Google Search is a one trick pony (along with advertising) that generates $$$. Everything else is a “bet” to “disrupt”. Google is notorious for shutting down businesses. I remember the time (and agony) when they shut down Google Reader for no apparent reason. I made a conscious decision to move away from their services (email/search and everything else, barring my mobile device).

Amazon’s efforts have not been publicised. Apple is keeping wraps over its efforts too. However, I expect them to take a stab at wearables and “personal wellness market” through their bands and API access through HealthKit (from Apple, at least). Google is funding “deep scanning” of radiology, and Amazon is pushing through Alexa devices (use voice research as a “reflection” of health) and probably made significant progress.

The reason I link them here is due to the slow creep of these companies (through consumer technology) to becoming irreplaceable in the healthcare enterprises. They are gnawing at the edges due to huge payouts for the incumbents. The biggest fight will be in lobbying circus and through a narrative woven around “privacy”.

Wait and watch.

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