On premise security

Troy Hunt on YouTube:

Watch out for the Australian accent!

This is an unusual collaboration of Troy Hunt (a security researcher) and 1Password (a password manager). I was a long-standing customer of 1Password – gave it up for BitWarden (and possibly Enpass). However, that’s not the purpose of the blog to compare these services, but underscore their importance in the enterprises (especially healthcare) to generate complex passwords with two-factor authentication.

My concern is most healthcare organisations don’t utilise them. Hence, despite the password reuse policies, they are toothless because most users have shared login systems. My password for accessing email is like what I use for TPS login. Even though it is for the “ease”, I am well aware of the absence of strong password generators. Apple has made significant progress here by having “cloud keychains” to store passwords, but mercifully, Safari remains on the fringes (its an awful browser).

Troy is right about the progress of “cloud” and uses this to highlight that 1Password is a better solution but it comes with significant costs related to “teams”. Incorporation this in the routine workflows will cause significant disruptions; especially around shared login systems and EMR’s. However, having a completely on-premises deployed solution will lead to significant cost redundancies, but with significant arbitrage around “security”. It is not the “downfall-per-se”, but a shift towards consumer behaviour towards “cloud”. I have a strong reason to believe that hybrid solutions will matter most; especially related to graded access.

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