Substack: Another one bites the dust


Kelly Eden writes:

Setting up a subscription newsletter is straightforward, but finding content subscribers want to pay for is the real challenge.You’re competing with big media outlets, celebrities, and famous journalists. Everyone has a paid subscription model now, but so what? You can still find your own unique audience and the content they value from you. Your readers will sign up to read you — people love making an individual connection with writers and coaches they can relate to

I won’t go into specifics, but the author clearly mentioned that discoverability is a considerable challenge for a platform owned by external parties. I retain a modicum of control here – if I am not contented with WordPress, I can migrate my domain (and my content) to other blogging services (e.g. Bloggi) or Ghost. Substack doesn’t allow you to take your subscription list- people paying you money and in effect you are tethered to them and their investors. Don’t allow yourself to be derailed.

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