6G: SoftBank unveils potential applications

Jaun Pedro writing for RCR Wireless:

“Up to 4G, mobile networks were designed for smartphone usage. After 5G, the advent of 6G will transform mobile networks into network infrastructure that will support the digitalization of all industries. With 6G, every business across Japan will be built on the foundation of mobile networks, just as the Internet became the sole common basic infrastructure for online communications around the world,” said Ryuji Wakikawa, VP and head of the advanced technology division at SoftBank….What is predicted and judged in the virtual space using AI will be fed back to the physical space with ultra-low latency. Not only will 6G networks serve as communication networks; they will also evolve into computers that support an AI society,” Wakikawa added.

(emphasis mine)

5G is being deployed rapidly, and I am keeping a close watch on the technologies required to implement it. Primarily, to make it effective, it requires a fibre optic overlay, deployment of the antennas and specific frequencies which can carry the data. The only advantage of 5G over 4G is the latency. However, it will also require massive cloud infrastructure to collect and process the data. Hence, edge computing (as I understand, on-premises computing), which will allow for “splitting” of the work required by algorithms. It will mean an investment in chipsets and “system-on-chip” (or SoC) to make it effective. These are the broad contours that require careful deliberation. As complexity increases, threat and attack surface area increases.

How soon the IoT (internet of things) integrate itself in the supply chains and provide a robust system of demand forecasting? For healthcare enterprises that survive on a “quarter-to-quarter” mentality, it will be difficult to adjust to the onslaught of information. I don’t foresee an upending of the traditional architecture yet. 6G is still unproven/untested, with some countries taking the lead in the development and possibly deployment around 2028. I am very curious to see how this unfolds.

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