Open Source Mobile Networks

Ubuntu Blog:

User equipment – this is anything from a mobile phone, to IoT devices, drones or self driving vehicles.

Radio Access Network – this is a part containing the base station, antennas and L1/L2 processing.

Evolved packet core – a framework for providing converged voice and data on LTE Micro cloud – a new class of infrastructure for on-demand computing at the edge

I am enamoured by the technical advancements of 5G. Instead of on premise “wifi”, as the blog suggests, it might be more prudent to deploy the 5G networks within premises:

Mobile technologies like LTE or 5G give your private network great capabilities. You can cover huge areas with a small amount of equipment. Also, choosing the right frequency, you can achieve great performance through walls or underground. Mobile networks are much more secure than WiFi. Not to mention, it enables you to now get all power and features only carriers had, like location tracking of user equipment (UE) with sub 1 meter accuracy or advanced signalling and telemetry.

Imagine the possibilities around achieving single digit milliseconds latency. I agree that the use case scenarios are overhyped (smart healthcare-?) but technology has made it possible to string a few inexpensive components and get going forward.

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