Precis- 20.10.2021

The Victorian gas lamps that sold cups of hot coffee

The Pluto Lamps must have been modestly successful as the following year, the Morning Post of 8th Feb 1899 noting that a Pluto Lamp was to be installed on a plot of land in Rosebery Avenue which had been recently sold to the Clerkenwell Vestry.

In addition to dispensing hot drinks, and obviously providing a valuable service in providing illumination to the dark streets – the Clerkenwell model also included one of Steljes ABC Telegraph Recorders which was connected to Scotland Yard for the police to use.

FDA moves to allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter : NPR

Advocates and lawmakers have been calling for OTC hearing aids for years, including in a big push in 2017, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and co-sponsor Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, introduced the bipartisan Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act. The legislators are now praising the FDA’s move.

But the law was followed by four years of public inaction. President Biden’s recent executive order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” singled out hearing aids as an area where families are paying overly high prices for necessities — and Warren and Grassley sent a letter to the FDA to urge immediate action.

Drone operator will try to rescue dogs from Spanish volcano | Reuters

Jaime Pereira, CEO of drone operator Aerocamaras, said he plans to send a 50 kg drone equipped with a wide net to try to trap the dogs, one by one, and fly them to safety, 450 metres away over flowing lava.

“It’s the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone and the first time it has to be captured,” Pereira told Reuters. “If that’s the last option that the dogs have? Then we’re going after them.”

How to think like a detective | Psyche Guides

In fact, what might at first seem akin to a supernatural gift is mostly a metacognitive skill, which means the ability to think about thinking. Anyone can learn to improve their metacognitive skill, but it doesn’t come easily. For most of us, it goes against our instincts. Consider the common cognitive bias known as WYSIATI or ‘what you see is all there is’, described by the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011). WYSIATI refers to the fact that we typically make our judgments according to the information we have readily available – no matter how incomplete it is. We find it difficult to appreciate that there are still many things we don’t know. Another bias known as ‘confirmation bias’ compounds WYSIATI, and describes our tendency to seek out more evidence to support our existing beliefs or judgments.

Opinion | Why Poetry Is So Crucial Right Now – The New York Times

“Like any other life-sustaining resource,” Marilyn Chandler McEntyre writes in her book “Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies,” “language can be depleted, polluted, contaminated, eroded and filled with artificial stimulants.” She argues that language needs to be rescued and restored, and points us to the practice of reading and writing poetry as one way of doing so. Poems, she says, “train and exercise the imagination” to “wage peace” because “the love of beauty is deeply related to the love of peace.”

The Facebook Trap

In my course on technology strategy, we teach students that the most important driver of value creation today is network effects: My own value from using Facebook — and Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp — grows as other users adopt and use Facebook. By following through on its mission to connect people, Facebook facilitates a huge amount of network effects that have propelled its organic growth and reinforces its dominant position in social networking.

Google Announces Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro: The New Real Flagship Pixels

On the CPU side of things, Google went with a 2+2+4 CPU setup, with the top performance CPUs being Cortex-X1 cores at 2.8GHz. This is quite unusual as generally most other vendors had moved onto a single “peak” performance core, whereas Google here is employing two of them. Samsung in previous yeas always had 2 high performance cores for several of their Exynos SoCs in similar 2+2+4 setups, and while their custom CPUs were lacking, the setup itself with the core count seemed to be working well, so I find Google’s strategy here nothing too exotic.

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