“Biohackers” and Open Insulin

From Open Insulin blog:

FIGHTING BACK: Round table discussing tactics to get affordable insulin in the US

This is an old post, but I stumbled on this link from the Hacker News discussion. I was aware of “biohackers”, but here the diabetics are focused on finding cheaper alternatives to pharma manufactured insulin. I can’t comment on the political issues of how pharma priced their insulin, but it is a considerable expense for those diagnosed with this condition.

Diabetes control is critical for the hapless patients with cancer. It complicates control and probably impacts the OS. While both of them are chronic conditions, they interact with each other in yet unknown ways with little research focused on it. I routinely emphasise lipid and diabetic control to those who are long term survivors.

Cost reduction and accessibility to life-saving medication is critical. What will stop the biohackers to challenge the citadel of chemotherapy? These are fascinating times.

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