Precis- 12.10.2021

body of water during golden hour
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

2,050-year-old Roman tomb offers insights on ancient concrete resilience | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

One particular structure is the large cylindrical tomb of first-century noblewoman Caecilia Metella. New research from MIT scientists and colleagues published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society shows that the quality of the concrete of her tomb may exceed that of her male contemporaries’ monuments because of the volcanic aggregate the builders chose and the unusual chemical interactions with rain and groundwater that accumulate over two millennia.

Sony to join TSMC on new $7bn chip plant in Japan – Nikkei Asia

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest contract chipmaker, and Sony Group are considering joint construction of a semiconductor factory in western Japan amid a global chip shortage, Nikkei has learned.

Sony may also take a minority stake in a new company that will manage the factory, which will be located in Kumamoto Prefecture, on land owned by Sony and in an area adjacent to the latter’s image sensor factory, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. The factory will make semiconductors used in camera image sensors, as well as chips for automobiles and other products, and is slated to go into operation by 2024, the people said.

The State Of Web Scraping in 2021 – Mihai’s Blog

With the web now hosting almost 5 billion web pages, it would be impossible to view each one of these pages personally. Even if you somehow knew the address of each page, and assuming that you are only looking at a page for about 3 seconds, it would take you nearly 500 years to view everything. Now imagine another scenario where you need to take different parts of the web, and organize them for a specific purpose. Perhaps a project to view car prices for your favorite electric car on many car dealership websites. To do this manually, again would take a very long time. This is where web scraping comes in, and is defined as such:

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