Mind wandering

Occasionally, I link to some excellent resources wherein it helps to draw a meaning to your daily reading. I perfected a system to get me the most useful links. Therefore, I like to share them as well.

Here’s something interesting:

In our daily lives, the most dangerous result of our tendency to constantly self-generate thoughts is when we drive. If we’re not 100% focused on the road and on what is happening around us, we can make wrong decisions – or even worse, not make a decision at all when we have to – which can lead to bad consequences. And while thinking about what you want to eat while you steer the wheel might not be so bad, we have a tendency to completely detach ourselves from the current realm and go to another, imaginary place.

The only way to reduce mind wandering is to get off the social networks. I think there’s a huge “FOMO” (fear of missing out) built in with the way the information flows. The external triggers don’t compel us to act on them.

Remove distractions: The easiest way to reduce the amount of not-related thoughts is by removing distractions from your work environment. This is something pretty obvious but people are often neglecting it. When your phone is not in front of you, when you receive new messages, you will obviously not check it because you will not see it. There are many books on the subject that you can further check: Make Time and Digital Minimalism are my top recommendations.

Therefore, make your available for the moment and not bother about what’s happening in the “world”. That’s the key to the fulfillment and creative ideas.

One thought on “Mind wandering

  1. I deleted my twitter account eight months back. Figured I haven’t missed out on much. News still makes its way, so does trivia. It has helped improve reading quality and attention to detail. Easier now to make myself available for the moment, as you said.


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