Introducing “Precis”

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For long, I have been attempting to gather more meaning from whatever I read. I am well aware of the extent of the “curator” economy, but most of us are hard pressed for time. Due to my ongoing clinical and academic commitments, it becomes difficult to blog “daily”. However, I have discovered bursts of writing and scheduling the blog posts. Yet, I needed a way to capture value from whatever I read.

We are in the midst of the information overload. How do we find value in the clutter? There are pressing and ongoing demands for our limited attention. How do we make sense of the overload? What to read? How much to read?

I developed specific strategies to keep track of the events around me, and in all this, I found a way to draw meaning out of it. I use RSS reader (Inoreader), track web pages through RSS, use Twitter lists (private) to avoid doom scrolling on social media, automate posting links on the timeline, filtering out the best write-ups on AI/ML, and understand its impact. However, there’s more. AI and ML is impacted by subtle policy shifts, ongoing “geopolitics” and requires deeper deliberation of supply chains/technology trends, energy requirements, and radical shifts in 5G and 6G penetration. Internet of Things (IoT) is closely gaining the consumer’s attention, and we are more connected through fibre. The western democracies are at an inflexion point around digital divide and privacy concerns are looming. How then do we make sense of it?

I’d be following the similar trend of highlighting the most relevant aspect of the write up I find online, and then sharing it with you here. You can then decide if the curated link is worth your time or not. I will attempt to put out daily post.

You can find all the bookmarks here

The RSS feeds are here

(You can copy the RSS link in your news reader and it should display all the articles).

I am also focused on tagging the write ups to build up my semantic search. Tags work universally! Imagine the possibilities. My bookmark collection manager is Raindrop. It is a single developer project and adds immense value to my pursuits.

Happy Reading!

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