On writing: Deliberate practise

Wayne Liew writing on Medium:

Finding the best niche is not going to propel your work to millions in readership. It is naive to think otherwise, especially when you are a new writer.
The only thing new writers should worry about is how to show up every day and put out better work. Deliberate practice like this helps us discover the improvements we need to make to our writing. Each of us has our own interests, stories, upbringing, knowledge, and experiences we can share with the world. Don’t be afraid to lean on them in your writing. Where all of these intersect is what makes us unique as an individual.

I am pushing this blog towards 1000 posts. Is everything about artificial intelligence? No. However, by not focusing on the niche and doing what the author calls “multi-passionate” author, it has allowed me to break the niche conundrum and merely write about what I feel will impact the future of medicine. While I consider at the “general purpose” of AI and healthcare, writing about disparate resources creates a “giant web” of thought processes, where new ideas can emerge.

Interestingly, this blog started as a comment on the email from one of the potential principal investigators. She couldn’t find a reason to reject me, therefore commented on my insufficient writing skills. That was almost three years ago (before I started on this blog). It took me some time to figure out what is required and I started writing. I have discovered an excellent keyboard in the process (which is exactly what I needed to type out my thoughts) and found my computing niche. I broadened my reading to an extent that I track nearly 500+ resources daily and have sharpened my insights to get to the research I need.

Always consider data portability and my only reason to recommend paying for WordPress is the brilliant hosting solution here. It takes away the pain of finding some reliable solution, and is coupled with some excellent customer support. You pay for the peace of mind and focus on your writing.

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