Human-Computer interaction

A computer screen with a broken smile

Jeam Buchert writes:

As the human-computer interaction field keeps growing, it has already shown how human psychology can deeply influence user experience. Taking the opposite perspective, Clifford Nass, a communication researcher, has dedicated his last researches to the feelings that users attribute to computers.

I won’t go into the specifics of the psychological triggers or the experiments described herein, but it is critical to understand the usage and uptake in terms of psychological triggers. For example, the uptake of electronic medical records. I agree it leads to a burnout, but there are ways and means to automate the standardised part of the entries. As such, monolithic structures like the EMR’s become more prevalent, but their usage leads to frustration on the part of the users to interact with them meaningfully. They aren’t designed to work around psychological triggers but is converse for the mobile interfaces.

Do read up this fascinating link and I hope it brings about some changes in the EMR design and implementation from ground up.

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