Fibre: Symmetrical broadband

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EFF Blog post

In other words, the only way to upgrade a non-fiber, 100/20 Mbps network is to connect it with fiberThere is just nowhere for the current infrastructure to go. Updating with fiber now saves everyone the cost of doing minor upgrades now and having to do fiber in a few years. Slow networks ultimately cost more than just going straight to fiber because they ultimately have to be replaced by fiber anyways and become wasted investments.

Meanwhile, the same fiber network able to deliver 100/100 Mbps is actually also capable of also delivering 1000/1000 Mbps and 10,000/10,000 Mbps with affordable upgrades to its hardware80,000/80,000 Mbps is already possible now over the same fiber wire, though the price of the hardware remains high. As the price comes down, 80 gigabit symmetrical could become the next standard for fiber networks. Wireless connected with fiber benefits from these gains with the only limitation being the amount of available spectrum they have for wireless transmission.

I have always remained bullish on the fibre. 5G requires massive overhauls of fibre network but it represents a future proof technology because only the hardware requires “upgrade” over the existing pipeline. Bandwidth can be scaled up, indefinitely- theoretically. 5G will always remain beholden to the spectrum constraints. Fibre (and hence WiFi) can replace most use cases for 5G.

EFF is a rabble-rouser but I liked the article for making it simplistic and succinct for most users. The gains of AI/telemedicine can be achieved by incentivising fibre, rather than wireless, due to excessive ping times. That’s why the quality of video calling remains problematic through. Most users refuse to understand the importance of having on-premises broadband.

Symmetrical broadband is the answer for ensuring uploads, especially as the hybrid work-culture takes hold. Telecom companies need to understand its importance and make accommodations around it.

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