Telegram: How to use it for journal club?

The latest update brings a slew of features, but I had to wait until they announced unlimited viewers for group video calls. The new update addresses the biggest stumbling block to get the professionals to congregate on a platform that’s better than Twitter without privacy intrusions.

This shows how the application can be used to host unlimited viewers. This is a stock video from their blog.

A simple way to hold a journal club, for example, is to have a public channel with a private group for discussion. You can have people leave comments on the channel posts and provide a medium for exchange. The administrators can also have a video call with selected speakers and allow for questions to be asked in a live stream. The kicker? Save the video for other residents, and hence user generated content at scale for everyone to follow.

I’ll follow it up in detail.

Here’s two more videos:

Group videos:

Screen Sharing in group video calls: (now with unlimited viewers):

Since Telegram has tablet and desktop support, it works perfectly.

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