How to lead through IT Transformation?

Zwischenzungs has an interested blog post on how to lead through “IT transformation”. (It’s a tongue in cheek reference to the management consultants and those peddling their wares as “gurus”).

This so far is my favourite slide.

Unfortunately, the world is not sympathetic to this reality, so you will have to pretend to have a strategy, at the very least. Make the core PowerPoint really dense and opaque. Include as many buzzwords as possible – if enough are included people will assume you know what you are doing.

Is this what happens in the conferences with full of dense slides and survival curves? There’s hardly any time to process any information due to “paucity of time”.

The promised benefits, of course, never arrive. Maybe the CEO’s get fired. You have change of leadership, each one promising to fix what was done in the previous regime. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

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