Passport: Stratechery

Ben writes:

Passport integrates all of these open communications channels into one service, providing a seamless experience for both me as publisher and my readers. Start with the member app, where subscribers can decide which types of content they wish to receive in which medium:

Members can choose what content to receive where

Everyone wants to jump on to the subscription bandwagon. This is a new kid on the block, after Substack, to get onto an “aggregation model” specialist. I have no beef with the author – though I find his daily write-ups bordering “pseudo-intelligent ramblings”. I had subscribed for a full year for insights though I realised that much of the work on verticals represented a repetition of what was written previously. For the same reason, even though it is desirable for the search engine optimisation, I refrain from quoting my own words. Each write up here has a different context and usually has no bearing on what was written in the past.

Subscriptions are fine if that adds the value but some people get it because of “networking opportunities” that spring up. It is admirable that Stratechery relies on subscriptions alone, and the new platform will rival emerging opportunities from big tech and start-ups like Substack. I hope the author provides a follow up on how this venture has gone forward.

I still remain deferential to podcasts because ramblings offer no context and ideation for something constructive. I am linking to it because it offers an alternative to blogs instead.

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