Reading: Creating a flywheel effect

My previous post:

Here’s a quick idea about what Inoreader is. It is a tool which allows you to “aggregate” the RSS feeds from any website you wish to track. RSS was the open federated protocol that has withstood the test of time. Although, the evil corporations have either relegated or messed up with its implementation to keep a “walled garden approach” to serve you advertisements. As a privacy enthusiast, I am also against pervasive behavioural tracking on the web. Therefore RSS allows me to consume content without me chasing it, rather than the other way around. Let’s say that a better way to put it is to say- all the accumulated “pearls of wisdom” just fall in your lap!

I spent a considerable amount of time over the weekend to create a huge flywheel effect related to my existing sources of reading. The sources were cleaned up, augmented and specific feeds were “boosted”. It allows me to get to the source/news faster, quicker and efficiently. As of date, I am scanning over 500 feeds and it allows me to get an overall view. I can easily and substantially increase this number by the specific criteria outlined above.

It has been one of the most rewarding exercises – it allows me to discover new content, and since there has been an explosion of the newsletters, Inoreader also allows me to track them in one convenient interface. Inoreader holds fire-sale during the “black-Friday” sales, and I intend to keep a track of that too. Highly recommended!

I’d strongly suggest that you track the blog through the RSS feeds because I cannot control the newsletter format that comes with the as default template.

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