Importance of open-source

Klint Finley for Github Blog post writes: Webpack began as part of an academic project in 2012. Like so many other open source projects, it started out as a way to scratch an itch. “I was working on a web application for my master’s thesis in computer science and I was looking for a code … Continue reading Importance of open-source

Financial Times: Is AI really that intelligent?

John Turnhill for Financial Times: AI, more accurately and narrowly defined in most cases as machine learning, is designed to discriminate: to identify patterns and separate the exceptional from the norm. We must therefore be extremely careful in deciding what we choose to classify, how we select our data and build our models and what actions … Continue reading Financial Times: Is AI really that intelligent?

Cloud Computing: On premises versus “cloud”

Kevin Garcia writes: The primary difference between on-prem infrastructure and cloud infrastructure is that you own on-prem while you rent the cloud.On-prem infrastructure exists—you guessed it—on-premises in server rooms that a company builds and maintains. Cloud computing allows companies to host workloads on third-party servers. These servers aren’t really “in the cloud”—the biggest AWS data … Continue reading Cloud Computing: On premises versus “cloud”

The “death of newsletters”?

John Gruber from Daring Fire-Ball whines: Apple should do something similar: identify and block spy trackers in email by default, and route all other images through an anonymizing proxy service.1 And, like Hey, they should flag all emails containing known trackers with a shame badge. It’s a disgraceful practice that has grown to be accepted industry-wide … Continue reading The “death of newsletters”?

Floc: The new privacy nightmare Mozilla Blog: With cookie-based tracking, the amount of information a tracker gets is determined by the number of sites it is embedded on. Moreover, a site which wants to learn about user interests must itself participate in tracking the user across a large number of sites, work with some reasonably large tracker, or work … Continue reading Floc: The new privacy nightmare