European limitations on use of AI

Jane Wakefield for BBC:

The use of facial recognition for surveillance, or algorithms that manipulate human behaviour, will be banned under proposed EU regulations on artificial intelligence.

The wide-ranging proposals, which were leaked ahead of their official publication, also promised tough new rules for what they deem high-risk AI. That includes algorithms used by the police and in recruitment.

This is an interesting development. From the same write up:

Proposed rules

This remains a draft proposal and I haven’t seen them in person. I am sure they will have lofty goals but facial recognition is here to stay. Remember, Face ID to make purchases and open up your iPhone? These biometrics are being collected slowly (and at scale) and will find a way to discriminate you based on what your facial features are; your colour and your fingerprints.

I agree with this assessment:

He also told the BBC that the legislation was primarily “aimed at vendors and consultants selling – often nonsense- AI technology to schools, hospitals, police and employers”.

There’s a whole lot of fluff around “personalised medicine”- huge marketing campaigns. They are edge cases and floated as trial balloons and everyone realises that cost of acquisition for the ecosystem is less compared to indirect costs on individual trying to get out of it.

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