Health Records: Google at it again

Erin Brodwin for Stat News:

The work could inform the creation of a consumer-facing medical records tool along the lines of Apple’s Health Records app. It also follows an early attempt by Google — later panned by medical experts — at creating a new version of the electronic medical record in 2008. This time around, timing may be on the company’s side: Its new effort, which is still in the early stages, came on the heels of the introduction of the federal information blocking rule, which lets patients access their medical records through health apps.

Looking forward, he hopes to see more companies take a similar approach to Google’s most recent effort, which essentially builds assistive tools that layer on top of the existing EHR, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. (emphasis mine)

This development comes at the heels of a previous attempt by Google in around 2007-08. I had been reading an engrossing long-form on Larry Page (link opens up in my telegram channel accessible through the web. You maybe able to find a posted book too). Google Books was pushed as an answer to the “collection of all knowledge) and it was stymied for some unknown reasons. Why are they venturing into Health Care records when they also have Verily and possibly some internal moonshots too?

The point here is- should you take them seriously? Yes, maybe, maybe not. I am not sure because Google has the habit of abandoning the projects midway. Their cloud computing platform is also-ran, and they have so much money coming in through their golden goose; they can afford to buy and discard anything. I will be keeping an eye on this development because it has profound implications on AI deployments and privacy; especially when the European regulators are breathing down their necks.

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