Delightful Read: Akira Kurosawa

Gav writes:

However it was only when Kurosawa was a young Assistant Director, working under his mentor, the director Yamamoto Kajiro, did he approach reading in a new way. Kajiro told him “If you want to become a film director, first write scripts.” Kurosawa agreed, and after he had finished writing his first screenplay showed it to his mentor for feedback. Kajiro proceeded to quickly rewrite a scene in front of Kurosawa’s eyes that was vastly better. The young Kurosawa was “awed”. Inspired by his teacher’s ability, Kurosawa decided to re-educate himself: “From this point on, my approach to literature changed. I made a deliberate effort to change it. I began to read carefully, asking myself what the author was trying to say and how he was trying to express it. I thought while I read, and at the same time I kept notes on the passages that struck some emotional chord in me. When I reread in this new way things I had read in the past, I realised how superficial my initial reading had been.”

Real world writing comes with reading and reinterpreting the words. I remain fascinated with the idea to understand the contextual aspects and I don’t require any specific tools for them. There are many ideas floating on- especially like Roam Research or Notion.

Classical authors didn’t have them at their disposal and therefore, the best way to get out the ideas is through pen and paper. This link is delightful for the summary into one of the greatest Japanese directors ever.

These are trifling creativity hacks- that’s the reason I prefer to use blogging as a medium to streamline my ideas for more productive “journal writing”.

206. AKIRA KUROSAWA: The note taker

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