The future of “group messaging”

Jarren writes:

The future of group messaging is a further maturation of the platform. Removing the wall between chats and groups will empower users to have higher quality conversations instead of simply being restrained by the structure of their social platforms.

These two changes: Adding in-line posts to messaging, and adding a new view for posts and comments, would open a whole new world of social network possibilities. This is the social network killer.

I remain fascinated with the group messages (and chat platforms) because they have a real potential to upend the doctor-patient interaction in the post-pandemic era. The “peak of corona” has already come and gone and we are dealing with the vaccines now. However, it has done enough to reset the idea of “telemedicine” and brought it to the mainstream. I expect that to gain a better perspective in the years to come as healthcare systems mature to understand the impact of “telemedicine”.

As such, I have also been fascinated by the UI/UX concepts. The author presents an interesting facet and while it remains a concept, it bears a mention because it doesn’t rely on the notification spam. Most users have started ignoring the notifications (and texts) which makes it imperative to understand how they interact with the technology in the first place.

Good recommended read.

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