Fairness in AI (Book pdf)

I am including this fascinating book to analyse the fairness in the AI systems. It seems like a "pre-print"; however, as it is available online, I decided to link it here anyway. Please do read and provide a feedback, if possible on contact (at) myfastmail dot com. https://fairmlbook.org/pdf/fairmlbook.pdf [embeddoc url="https://radoncnotescom.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/28750-fairmlbook.pdf" viewer="google"]

The Current AI paradigms

(Here) Professional: Look how hard is the problem! Committee: We need more revenue streams All of them look towards data scientist: Yeah, there's an algorithm for that. After 1 year: We are working on it. AI is bad. Or let's create a hype around AI because we solved a problem using a revolutionary new algorithm … Continue reading The Current AI paradigms

The ever increasing Apple’s Ecosystem

Evan Zimmerman writes: The W1 and the H1 chips The release of Apple’s wireless approach is so perfectly timed that Apple must be thinking about the wireless ecosystem. Airpods and the W1 were released the exact year that wireless headphones became more popular than wired ones. As wireless replaces wired for almost all connections, it seems obvious … Continue reading The ever increasing Apple’s Ecosystem

The fat lady sings!

I have been writing about the Substack model. I am also bemoaning about the fact that this is not the medium to publish because you don't own it. Financial Times had something to say about it: On top of the 10 per cent that Substack charges, Stripe charges 2.9 per cent plus 30 cents per … Continue reading The fat lady sings!

Writing “tips” from The Economist

Ahmed Soliman writes I like the writing style of The Economist for many reasons: the most important is that it’s easy to understand their point. Writing to be understood might be an obvious requirement of a readable article, but often I find myself occupied with deciphering form instead of digesting content. Not so with the … Continue reading Writing “tips” from The Economist