Building a consensus on AI and norms

Jeremy Fleming writes:

AI is already enhancing many aspects of everyday life, from satnavs to online shopping, and it will be even more critical as the world becomes more complex. We see the benefits for national security and much more. We are also perhaps uniquely placed to see the risks….AI will be crucial to our future. It’s clear it will further enable telecommunications systems, transport networks and banks while accelerating innovation in healthcare and ultimately fuel data-driven policy solutions. In the broader economy, it will provide massive commercial opportunities, create jobs and drive profit. 

This is a worth read because it argues for an inclusive access and developing a broad consensus amongst the governments to regulate the use of AI (and technology driven trends) responsibly. I’d rather not focus on the geopolitical ramifications because it is easier to speculate on the outcomes where the intent is not written in stone. Therefore, it boils down to a set of reasonable deductions about the actions of a nation-state while keeping the historical context in the background.

The benefits of AI won’t percolate to everyone uniformly. It is going to be an extremely chaotic decade before we even understand the ramifications in our daily lives. This write up is a reminder of that.

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