Which cloud platform for on-boarding?

Kevin writes:

We used to have a joke at Amazon that if someone didn’t make it pass the interview loop, then they were once again upgraded to the position of a customer. While I personally loved my time there, it is awesome being at the other end of the customer obsessed machine.
As for google, I’m wondering at this point if I’ll even get to talk to a google account manager. The initial onboarding call was entirely about how much money I was planning on spending with google (as opposed to the Amazon call where they wanted to help me architect my service). Google Cloud has really nice ergonomics and world class engineers but an awful reputation for customer support. My anecdotal experience seems to support this.

This is an interesting comparison0- I have had insights from someone who works at Amazon and he would testify this scenario. I dont know anything about Microsoft Azure platform and I’d rather not deal with them. They are a problem looking for a solution. While Microsoft is a cash-cow that has a money printing machine, Amazon and Google aren’t slouches either. Though this comparison appears valid.

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