How will Watson congregate datasets?

John McCormick writing for WSJ writes:

Even so, some experts found that it can be difficult to apply AI to treating complex medical conditions. Having access to data that represents patient populations broadly has been a challenge, experts told the Journal, and gaps in knowledge about complex diseases may not be fully captured in clinical databases.

Wearable devices are collecting huge amounts of data, Mr. Messer said. Devices are going to start to identify early on that someone is at risk of getting atrial fibrillation, he said. A new owner of Watson Health should look at different ways it could leverage an increased healthcare data pool, and then apply new technologies such as neural nets, he added.

It gets interesting and a newer entity is unleashed- neural nets. It goes on to suggest that it may be the solution for the problem though it never categorises the problem in the first place- there was no product. It was a half-baked solution that never lived up to its potential.

If anyone is reading this blog and is also toying with the idea of buying up Watson- take the advise of an internet stranger- Don’t buy it. Unless you are borderline maniacal or have too many 300 foot yachts lined up and you are bored or just want to burn your money or fund an expedition into the mystery of black holes, then go for it. If you don’t have any fancy ideas as above, then it is better to invest in something that would give returns.

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