Meaningless “social scores”

Aren Camber writes:

Many websites score us. They measure our reputation or activity. Do you want to be successful? Don’t focus on these website scores. Focus on outcomes.

Social media (and other means for “karma”) are only mechanisms for gamification. Long time back (2008-09), I had been working with a colleague to set up a Stack Overflow like system based on Drupal. We were debating ideas around the “popularity” of the articles and how they would rank. The ideal had merit, but it also prepared us for the fact that a majority of users prefer to consume content passively. It would only boil down to efforts of active users, and it takes an incredible effort to build up a community. That’s why I see artificial metrics on Twitter and blue ticks on their profiles and I just shake my head- we are practically generating content for an advertising company- they should pay the users a certain portion of their revenues. The effort involved in populating content made me explore automation for routine “boring tasks”.

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