The standards war

WSJ news report (Multi author contribution):

“Dominance of technical standards underpinning information and communications technologies and other emerging fields is integral to Beijing’s ambitions,” said Congress’s U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission in its annual report in December.

Standards are gaining urgency as rules are being decided for a new generation of technologies dependent on 5G networks, including driverless vehicles, so-called smart cities and the Internet of Things—advances that will connect the digital and physical worlds as never before.

These are interesting times. The WSJ deserves kudos for a well researched article on the emerging wars in standards- because the connectivity issues will underpin the way data is harvested, collected and reaped in the data centres for algorithms to run. I understand that there is a distinct Sinocentric discussion and the ultimate truth of Chinese “surveillance” lies in between the shrill opponents and the benign push by the Chinese.

Geopolitics is my interest (not my career forte or specialization) and therefore my “fears” may sound absurd to the casual reader. However, the war between the standards organizations will ultimately “underpin” the domination for the AI (that is increasingly being weaponized). As custodians of the healthcare, we need to understand the “pushes and pulls” of certifying committees whose primary role should be safeguarding the data and ensure that it is not being used for profit maximisation for the few at the expense of larger commons.

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