Verified Twitter accounts spreading misinformation

Axios writes:

Between the lines: The findings underscore the uncomfortable reality that certain conservative media outlets tend to be among the most unapologetic purveyors of false or misleading information, with Daily Wire, Newsmax, The Federalist and Gateway Pundit all ranking as deceptive sites…False information about the election outcome and COVID-19 mostly drove the increase in shares of deceptive information, the research shows, with more people engaging with deceptive information than ever in the past.

Illustration taken from Axios

Again, I am not venturing into the political dimensions of the “debate” but these findings should apprise all the users about the potential harms related to social media. It is difficult (if not impossible) to fall in the trap of “retweets” because there is no easy way out to verify the “news”. Verified accounts spreading misinformation (or even engaging with the deceptive content) is a new low.

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