Privacy labels for everything

Dena B. Mendelsohn writes:

At Elektra Labs we’re developing a similar sort of “nutrition label” for healthcare technologies, with a focus on data rights and security. The ultimate goal is to guide customers in considering the data risks of technologies and how to reduce them.
Last month, Apple launched a landmark privacy label as a tool for the public to better understand how their data may be handled by apps on the Apple Store. Mozilla has had one about products in general since 2017. Such efforts address a familiar problem for many; indeed, it feels like reporting about confusing privacy practices is as common as transparent data practices are rare…. Health technology is intimately connected to its user, collecting sensitive information that could save a life in the right hands — and profoundly harm one if misused or abused.

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I am not really convinced about these arguments- it was BlackBerry that had first pushed out a very effective system to visualise the data collection in it’s Android version but it had whitelisted the Google domains. Besides being unable to “root” it, they had made a mess of the ecosystem. It was no wonder that it fell out of favor by misplaced alignment. Apple introduced something similar after nearly a gap of five years (as there’s no collective public memory) and hence, it can get away with what BlackBerry had shown was possible.

This trend is catching up. They will put “labels” on everything now- including your customer interaction and replace the “star rating” or “product reviews”. I am not convinced about this general direction and it was definitely not a “landmark event” as it is made out to be.

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