Productivity Hacks on Telegram and a demo group

Consider this:

Voice chat screenshot- Don’t worry- everyone’s using their aliases to listen to streaming

This is a screenshot from the voice chat in Telegram- The admins have complete rights and control over who is allowed to speak.

I haven’t used Clubhouse (a fancier version on the iOS) and I don’t intend to use it either (app fatigue). While Twitter can be your primary source to share ideas around collaboration, the algorithm messes up the continuity flow.

Therefore, using Telegram will address the issues around:
1) Sharing
2) Voice chats for collaboration – this command is restricted for the admins.
3) Real time communication (in groups) or initiate the voice chat in channels that work as broadcast groups.

You can use it to host JC’s as easily, and the admins can choose to save the voice chats so it provides a perfect “raw-unedited-podcast” which can be shared for training and recall; especially for the residents. I wouldn’t mind listening to the shared ideas while I am contouring. I think it is a perfect solution.

Telegram offers the best solution for hosting JC’s- sharing massive files (2 GB), voice chats (admin controlled), safe and private by default.

I have used the voice chat feature to teach some kids on issues around motivation, address “life’s challenges” and disburse some common sense. I generally discourage using social media, as it is easy to fall in the vortex of negativity around “news”. Telegram allows a linear interaction; easy to follow and track changes in the groups.

I can also manage several groups and communities; it can be automated at scale using bots. It allows for federation of rules and banning spammers across the spectrum. The bot allows for responding to specific trigger words and has automated system of warning to defaulters. Repetitive questions can be taken from the “notes”. All this is feasible through the bots with minimal effort and shape the growth of the community.

Group video calling is coming this month, which would easily replace Zoom with screen sharing. It would allow reading the paper in real time and highlighting the relevant points. The possibilities open up.

For example, the authors of the paper can choose to turn on their screen and zoom in the relevant section of the paper and have their points discussed on the importance of the “survival curves” in their study (as an illustration). As this can be recorded, it would provide a recall and feedback for trainees. You can present your power point presentation; the possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless for #social #collaboration and #SoMe using @telegram for sharing #papers #voicenotes #voicechats for #radonc #trainees and colleagues.

This shares the mini profiles.

You can have specific invite links and schedule the voice chats. The next videos show that:

Sharing links for the voice chats.
Reminders for the voice chats
Groups. Up to 200,000 people can talk, text and share media in group chats.
Groups can be private or public and offer powerful admin tools ( to manage discussions of any size. In Broadcast Groups (, the number of read-only members is unlimited.
To see what your community thinks about hot topics or current events, try creating a poll ( or starting a voice chat (

I hope it provides enough curiosity to test this out – it’s a simple “productivity hack” and you can thank me later in the Telegram group 🙂

I have created a demo group for anyone to join in here:

QR code to join the demo group – Anyone with Telegram can join in.

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