5G: Open standards

It is worthwhile to keep an eye open for the emerging 5G technology- I intend to pursue this in the future. My motivation is that a faster delivery of the “internet” and data flows will fundamentally alter the healthcare delivery.

Representative image.

I wouldn’t comment on “standards” and the geopolitical events shaping up the final deployment. There’s an interesting take from Politico though:

Open RAN encompasses the idea of chopping up the 5G supply chain into smaller pieces and imposing standards on equipment and software firms so their products can work together — a “Lego approach,” as one expert called it, to digital infrastructure. It would allow operators to procure specialized kit and services in smaller contracts with different players to piece together a 5G network, breaking the market power of “end-to-end” vendors like Ericsson and Nokia.

Once in place, Open RAN could help equipment makers like South Korea’s Samsung and Japan’s NEC, cloud providers and tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft as well as smaller, specialized software companies like Altiostar and Mavenir gain a stronger foothold in Europe’s growing 5G market.

I am curious to understand whether it would be workable to “push the network delivery” through the cloud. If yes, it would consolidate and entrench the existing solution providers and push for monopolization. It has grave implications for those in the healthcare industry and consequently the end all “consumers” because it would increase prices for delivery. Technology has made specific inroads in the sector and it is a matter of time before the management advisory boards fall in for the marketing spiel of “improved efficiency”.

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