AI Research: Importance of lateral integration to break “tunnel vision”

Add more zing to ideas! Healthcare innovation has stalled. If you are excited for the next "big thing" in the conference, it is because you want to break the monotony of being locked up at home for the better part of 2020 due to an ongoing pandemic. I am sure everyone will speak about how … Continue reading AI Research: Importance of lateral integration to break “tunnel vision”

GPT3 making inappropriate suggestions

Ryan Daws writes: Nabla, a Paris-based firm specialising in healthcare technology, used a cloud-hosted version of GPT-3 to determine whether it could be used for medical advice (which, as they note, OpenAI itself warns against as “people rely on accurate medical information for life-or-death decisions, and mistakes here could result in serious harm”.) The screenshot from … Continue reading GPT3 making inappropriate suggestions

Building a consensus on AI and norms

Jeremy Fleming writes: AI is already enhancing many aspects of everyday life, from satnavs to online shopping, and it will be even more critical as the world becomes more complex. We see the benefits for national security and much more. We are also perhaps uniquely placed to see the risks....AI will be crucial to our … Continue reading Building a consensus on AI and norms

Surge Pricing, AI and responsibility

Dominic Widdows writes: I learned more about surge algorithms at Grab, partly because pricing and discounts were closely related to my work launching GrabShare. As data scientists and engineers, we had a duty to help make pricing equitable for passengers and drivers. Topics included nonlinear surge, geographic smoothing, time-of-day buckets, price elasticity, featurization, and machine learning. … Continue reading Surge Pricing, AI and responsibility

Which cloud platform for on-boarding?

Kevin writes: We used to have a joke at Amazon that if someone didn't make it pass the interview loop, then they were once again upgraded to the position of a customer. While I personally loved my time there, it is awesome being at the other end of the customer obsessed machine. As for google, I'm wondering at … Continue reading Which cloud platform for on-boarding?