Making the case for cloud

Mark Barnes writes:

The Financial Times used to have hardware and services running from data centres in New Jersey and the outskirts of London (Watford and Park Royal). Looking after your own kit is expensive and time consuming. The costs of hardware and software support and licensing, and the risks in terms of cyber security and reliability of ageing systems were not things the FT Technology department wanted. However, moving all the capabilities those older systems gave the FT (such as our core content management system, and publishing and distributing the newspaper) was not a very appetizing prospect….

Use E.A.S.T. — Make it Easy (remove blockers), Attractive (show how it will be better for them or the organisation), Social (compare progress and get public commitments) and Timely (choose the right time to communicate).

Simple clear messages work well.

I was having an interesting discussion with a leader on how they transitioned their healthcare facility to the EMR and it was ugly push through. The administration went through changes and the expenses piled up to astronomical levels. The cloud seduces in many ways- one of them is “projected savings” for the projects. I am not sure if that holds true but there are simple ways to cut down on the churn on capex. For example, using browser only workflows through to access the information eliminates the need for complex applications; hiving off the non essential “IT infrastructure” costs, push towards open source solutions and the ones that have predictable upgrades which doesn’t break the workflows. In essence- moving towards a non Microsoft work environment with clear policies on graded access.

Still, this was an interesting document:

[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”google”]

Large teams require “gentle nudges” and “reminders” too.

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