Social Media Algorithms: Extreme control

Joanna Stern on WSJ:

Regulators could also step in. Beyond the various antitrust suits, there have been specific calls to hold the companies liable for their algorithms. Reporting from my colleagues has shown that Facebook has been well aware of its recommendation system’s tendency to drive people to extremist groups. One bill, introduced by Rep. Tom Malinowski (D., N.J.) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.), aims to hold the platforms liable for “algorithmic promotion of extremism.”…If it were just about us and our friends and family, that would be one thing, but for years social media hasn’t been just about keeping up with Auntie Sue. It’s the funnel through which many now see and form their views of the world.

Initially, I had assumed that it was an essay but I didn’t realise that Joanna excels in dumbing down the narratives. Therefore, my concern was to get the updates on the increasing calls for tech regulation- these will have far reaching impacts on how we percieve the healthcare market. While there are enough studies to show (and prove) the harmful effects of social media on our psyche, it is easier to remain addicted to the fumes of digital cocaine.

Therefore the following years will remain interesting on how the regulation catches up with the technological advances for regulation.

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