Making the case for cloud

Mark Barnes writes: The Financial Times used to have hardware and services running from data centres in New Jersey and the outskirts of London (Watford and Park Royal). Looking after your own kit is expensive and time consuming. The costs of hardware and software support and licensing, and the risks in terms of cyber security … Continue reading Making the case for cloud

Increasing calls for regulating algorithms in the UK

Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan writes: The Competition and Markets Authority, which is stepping up its focus on the tech sector, said that algorithms can harm competition in many ways, for example by reducing the choice in search results or allowing companies to promote their own products above those of rivals. Algorithms have long faced criticism from civil society, … Continue reading Increasing calls for regulating algorithms in the UK

The cloud of doom around Intel

Ben Evans writes: Meanwhile, over the last decade the modular-focused TSMC, fueled by the massive volumes that came from mobile and a willingness to work with — and thus share profits with — best of breed suppliers like ASML, surpassed Intel’s manufacturing capabilities.This threatens Intel on multiple fronts:Intel has already lost Apple’s Mac business thanks in … Continue reading The cloud of doom around Intel

WhatsApp: The private internet

The Economist writes: Messaging services differ from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest in two fundamental ways. One is addressability. When users post on Facebook the company’s software decides which of their “friends” will see the post automatically (others will find it only by looking). If the post proves popular the software … Continue reading WhatsApp: The private internet

Social Media Algorithms: Extreme control

Joanna Stern on WSJ: Regulators could also step in. Beyond the various antitrust suits, there have been specific calls to hold the companies liable for their algorithms. Reporting from my colleagues has shown that Facebook has been well aware of its recommendation system’s tendency to drive people to extremist groups. One bill, introduced by Rep. Tom Malinowski … Continue reading Social Media Algorithms: Extreme control