AI Winter: Dumpster fire

Here’s a delightful collection of harsh cold reality meeting with the AI hype.

While I am not inclined to cover “self-driving” cars, here’s some interesting blurb about the current darling of mainstream press- Elon Musk. I do covet a Tesla- only because it promises almost an equivalent cost of ownership with a better driveability (though opinion is divided on it). However, I am not impressed by the claims of their “self driving” nonsense.

 I will upkeep my bet that there won’t be any Tesla robotaxis in 2021 and 2022, though in his typical manner Elon Musk might ship some slightly improved version of current tech, call it “Full Self Driving”, cover his ass by some unknown regulations that won’t allow him to unleash the full potential of the software and claim victory. Nonetheless, don’t expect to be driven by your Tesla without being fully liable for any deadly accident it causes within the next few years and possibly ever.  

Here’s another interesting insight into the “beauty of computer vision”.

While people who have no idea what they are talking about are spreading panic about Boston Dynamics robots taking over the world, in reality AI systems can’t tell a difference between a soccer ball and a bald head of the juror. There are plenty examples of such mistakes and they all clearly point to the obvious: contemporary AI system have very rudimentary understanding of reality and cannot be trusted to make similar judgements as we do.  

We need these course corrections.

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