The travails of auto posting

Many times, I am tempted to auto post on the blog; especially the daily links with the excerpts. In the previous iteration, I had spent some time to understand the process and push out the RSS feeds in the sidebar. Text “re-writing” and “article spinners” are possible as plugins but I desisted. One of the to-do plans is to hire a professional designer for the template and figure out a way to push the post categorisations.

There is an awesome content scattered everywhere and that’s why it makes sense to have an aggregator. I am still wrapping my brains around how best to push out the ideas. I plan to update that soon.

In the void of auto posting!

It is not difficult, really. It requires a familiarization with the way websites display information. WordPress, luckily, formats it to the standards without the owner doing much. However, the pricing structures for those plugins are meant for the search engine optimisers, running advertisements and pushing out questionable content. Besides, I end up loosing perspective as well as the curation aspect. Yes, it is an effort but an effort completely worth it!

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