How UI/UX improvements impact usage

I went through a fascinating read around reinvention of the iconic Domino’s Pizza. I am not keen to explore the explaination around the product marketing, but I was intrigued by their efforts to improve on the UI/UX offerings by innovating in that area.

Here’s a demo:

This was a completely new, innovative way to order a pizza. It gave customers a more realistic idea of what their final order would look like. Later that year, Domino’s also introduced Dom, a Siri-like voice assistant that helped people order pizzas. The experience of talking to the voice assistant simulates talking to a real person—for example, a customer can say “I’d like a large pepperoni pizza.” But the human interaction is automated and the experience becomes simpler and more scalable.

They also introduced a dedicated chatbot using the Facebook messenger:

This set me thinking- why can’t we leverage the power of UI to scale up health related information for the end users? What stops us from innovating in that area? Expanding our platforms?

As we move towards the wearables and always on IoT devices, it would require a considerable understanding of the gamification interfaces and push towards a wider adoption. The business model of pizza delivery is opportunistic and they make more money by enticing end users. The business model for a hospital is “need-based” and associated with sickness. Why not push the hospitals towards the opportunistic model of “wellness” and preventive healthcare? There are several ways we can explore innovative ideas to provide a wholesome experience. (One way, of course, is to remove the bureaucratic layers that impede accessibility).

If you think these principles are not important, look at the stock value of this company:

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