Why no newsletters

Brilliant write up:

When everyone else is rushing to the platform and it’s experiencing some of its best months yet, why did I decide to leave? To start, let me explain why Substack is actually a pretty good platform to use….If you’re building a newsletter/blog with the goal of monetizing through subscriptions, it could be the right approach. And now that you can have your own domain name, it’s really not all that bad—if you’re just building a basic newsletter/blog….Remarkably, with Substack, you actually don’t. On the surface, it appears that you do. You build the list, you can take it with you when you leave and can email them whenever you want. However, that is different than having complete control of my email list.

I am not sure that I would want to trust my hard work to a closed proprietary platform that takes away a cut from your earnings. All platforms do. However, there are better options than perusing the paid newsletter subscriptions.

I have become vary of large publishing houses and my trust in their craft is non-existent now. I used to support their work previously (for independent journalism) but I found their arguments lacked substance. If someone is covering the media business, for example, it would be a superfluous coverage on streaming. Paid newsletters are now proliferating everywhere. However, finding the good ones are difficult.

I am glad I chose WordPress. Their teething issues are behind and currently, they have a stellar product. I pay for the a hassle free experience related to hosting and even though it is more than the market rates, I have an excellent direct customer support which counts for a lot.

I am also thinking of a re-design later and will work on the launch later with a custom theme.

Owning the medium is very important!

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