A defining post on the value of RSS Feeds

I remain wedded to the idea of RSS feeds. I have written about them extensively around here. They allow me to consume copious content and if you do a search around here, you’d find something of value here. I stumbled on this excellent write up.

The problem statement:

Here’s the author writes:

Onto RSS — my beautiful, dark, twisted RSS. There’s truly zero urgency here and relatively few messages (writing blog posts is time-consuming!). Moreover, returning to our message evaluation framework, an RSS inbox only contains messages from known senders, since you’ve explicitly had to add their RSS feeds to your feed-roll. And, since you’ve likely done that because you expect to value the contents of their messages, you’re likely living in the upper left quadrant in RSS-land, enjoying that drizzled honey and those weird-newspaper rolls.

RSS feeds allow you to consume content the way you want to. I usually recommend Inoreader but there are some simpler options as well. Please don’t fall for the “artificial intelligence” crap like Feedly and the patently useless testimonials around “real-time” updates. I think it was pubsubhub (or something thereof) long time back that made the real time push possible. Much like the “IMAP-IDLE” command that pushes out the email instantly to your inboxes.

Recommended read for getting the context for inbox zero philosophy.

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