Marketers are addicted to bad data

Consider this first. Does any of the following terms mean anything to you?

Click rates, impressions, conversion rates, open rates, ROAS, page views, bounces rates, ROI, CPM, CPC, impression share, average position, sessions, channels, landing pages, KPI after never ending KPI.

I don’t think I can make any sense but they are a must-have in the internal presentations pushed out by the marketing departments- almost as if they are justifying their presence in the corporations, enterprises or universities. Every university spends a dedicated and an increasing percentage of their budgets in marketing in order to generate a flywheel effect.

Consider this:

Thats one reason why I don’t advertise because the “click-through” rates are pathetic. Most users are not attuned to actually seeing the advertisements. It is a bait for “reaching out millions of users”. Likewise, I don’t bother about sending newsletters. The blog is just fine.

Don’t be addicted to bad data, and I usually don’t consider the press releases as scientific statements having any validity either.

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