Star Trek Authors (and academic fraud)

Another instance of academic fraud from Retraction Watch.

The banality of publications becomes apparent from here:

Doctors in Star Trek’s Federation are invariably depicted as benign and adherent to the ethical tenets that we are all so accustomed to. This does not appear to be the case in alien/other doctors where the narrative changes, such that these alien medics are not bound by the moral strictures to which human doctors are expected to adhere. It is difficult to ascertain why this should be but it may be part of the episode creators’ attempts to impute and reinforce inhumanity and alienness in other non-human species.

Oh well, it’s from the stable of Elsevier. No surprises there.

Why should they be published in the first instance? What use has it served?

I agree that it is an outlier but it also questions the entire idea of publication in the first instance with very uneasy questions, to boot. Think about it.

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