The next AI Hype

Seriously I don’t know. I am glad that I don’t get pitched for the next “product optimisers” or the new convolution algorithm or something thereof.

Here’s something interesting:

1.Machine intelligence in general, a category that includes e.g. hypothetical super-intelligent machines, hypothetical machines based on technologies not yet invented, and robots from science fiction

2. A specific bundle of technologies which has gotten a lot of hype and investment in the past 5-10 years

Is the hype worth it? I think it has a lot to do with the funding booms fuelled by the VC types who need to find the next bet. Autonomous driving hasn’t happened (mercifully) but there are ways and means that Tesla is pushing towards it. The objective of course is to understand the AI models for application in healthcare. Though, no formal attribution happens on how the healthcare stands to benefit in terms of improved efficiency.

It’s understandable that AI research companies would make this conflation.  It’s a great marketing trick, if you can pull it off, to convince the public that when they encounter speculation about arbitrarily powerful future technologies, it’s really about the concrete thing your company does right now.

I think that it is also a disservice to science because the current hype is related to a similar concept of flying cars or “scientific” experiments related to ageing to prolong “human life”. Those conceptual ideas are pure fillibuster and misguided attempts to solve the actual problems. Hype requires to be curtailed and the dark PR marketing needs to be reigned in.

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