Pandemic Response for Telehealth

From HBR:

Telehealth has increased access to care in three ways: First, consumers and patients can get the care they need at their convenience in their home or community. Second, highly trained specialists — including neurologists, intensivists, neonatologists, and oncologists who previously never would have been able to treat patients in remote areas — are now only a couple of clicks away. Local primary care providers are treating seriously ill or injured patients in local hospitals with highly trained, board-certified specialists standing virtually right next to them.

I dont believe that it is as simple as it sounds to be. There is no mention on the financial outlays or the revenue earned on the investments and hence I am very skeptical.

Nevertheless, there are important lessons. They improved the security aspect, organised tele-follow ups with users who didn’t require in hospital admission. There’s also a patient testimonial (which is “woven” into the narrative). I do hope that Telemedicine finds the right context.

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