Impact of social cooling on healthcare

While I have been aware of how the social media (and the data brokers) act in consort to analyse your behavior and hence they influence the advertising+ influence your outlook on the contemporary events. The extent of this documentation has been slow but gradual. There are now powerful ways that a browser can be fingerprinted- unique hashes related to the access method, IP addresses and other signals which improve the probability of detection. This is surveillance b any name.

End result is to mold the individual in a way that conforms to the “society norms” as the chosen few have decided it to be. Because the social media scores as well as your propensity to interact with “like minded people” is putting you in distinct mental slots as decided by advertisers or start up agencies tasked with this herculean task.

Therefore, I have been warning my colleagues to get off the system because the interaction is only meaningful as much as you want it to be. Some call it as the digital cooler, some do it for the likes and retweets and some have power ego play at stake (without them realizing it).

As for me, I have automated it with the streams which I feel (and understand) would get align me to the “conformal pathways” but my online identity is completely different from the real life. My political and ideological beliefs don’t matter in this context.

Here’s something from a real scenario:

The source of the above picture writes:

onversely, credit data also flows into online marketing. On Twitter, for example, marketers can target ads by the predicted creditworthiness of Twitter users based on data from the consumer data broker Oracle. Going a step further, Facebook has registered a patent for credit assessment based on the credit ratings of someone’s friends on a social network. Nobody knows whether it plans to turn this total integration of social networking, marketing, and risk assessment into reality.

There have been enough resources (and think-tanks) who have expended energies (often doing the same thing) and brought out voluminous reports on the corporate surveillance. This will have a chilling effect or what is now being paraded as social cooling between people (and consequently the healthcare colleagues).

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