Telehealth as the cybersecurity risk?

I stumbled on reports from companies I have never heard of! This is although I trawl the internet for anything related to cybersecurity and healthcare- so much so having real time updates in my RSS feed. However, instead of offering concrete solutions, they are often alarmist scenarios.

Here’s something to munch on:

The SecurityScorecard/DarkOwl report, which examined more than 30,000 healthcare organizations from September 2019 to April 2020, notes that the reliance on telehealth amplifies risk as well.
By reviewing the 148 most-used telehealth vendors according to Becker’s Hospital Review, it logged increased danger to patient data across application security, endpoint security, IP reputation, patching cadence and – to a slightly lesser degree – network security.     

The solution to these problems is to shift away from proprietary solutions and provide an open access interface with adequate safeguards and policies. It is crucial to segregate the critical functions from the open-ended and patient facing systems. I have been exhorting to shift towards Telegram for patient care and I have enough use case scenarios to implement it.

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