Why the curious loop?

My earlier blog post was a bit hurried to address the matter- I am very keen to develop a community around interesting links I come across the internet.

For the record, my tweet appears here:

I spent considerable amount of time to find a solution to deliver content- there are numerous blog posts around the idea of “email marketing” and many companies have spent considerable resources to establish their credo. They all detail steps to “automate” news letter marketing. However, my opposition to the idea of newsletter marketing remains firmly coded in the idea of individual privacy.

First, the digital metrics to track email opening rates are tracked through subpixels that pings a tracking server. Further, these companies have extensive links to several third party marketing affiliates that resell your email address to slice and dice your interests. Besides, it also brings in the additional headache of managing the email lists and the GDPR compliance (if and when). I don’t have the interest or bandwidth to monitor these issues.

A Telegram channel is the perfect recipe to ensure privacy. I use IFTTT extensively to pipe through links by linking Inoreader and Raindrop services to manage the workflows. I hope that Raindrop introduces the annotation feature that would add immense value to my reading workflows and bookmarks.

Some of the best reads may be behind paywall- please email me for the PDF (or follow the Telegram channel) where I may post the PDF’s for your perusal.

I hope readers find value addition here!

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