Introducing the “Curious Loop”

I read a lot. A lot.

I have made several productivity hacks to rifle through the feeds and identify the important takeaways in the events as they are happening in real time. However, I had been craving to add more value to everyone here without overburdening the system of daily blog posts here.

I have tested several services, but none of them offered a utilitarian value. I finally settled in with RainDrop as the cloud based bookmarking manager and made a switch from Pinboard. There were several reasons- Pinboard had become completely static and raindrop had delayed the IFTTT integration. Other services like Pocket or Instapaper didn’t add the value or were just overpriced. It made sense for paying up for Raindrop as it is seeing an active development.

I will explore the technical aspects in a follow up blog post.

In case you are interested to collaborate for adding the bookmarks to, please email me on “curiousloop (at) fastmail dot com” (without the quotes). I will be happy to add you with the desired level of access. In case you are interested to follow the RSS feeds- you can access it here:

This should be possible to view in your RSS reader (my recommendation is for Inoreader).

You can also follow the public annotations here on I will try to keep it updated.

Update: The Telegram link is here:

You can choose to open up in the browser or subscribe to the channel to get notified about the updates.

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